Crown Preparation

Post-Operative Instructions for Crown Preparation

  1. Please do not chew on the temporary crown.
  2. The gums around the tooth may be sore for 2-3 days following the procedure. Advil or Tylenol is best to take if this does occur.
  3. With the temporary crown, please refrain from chewing anything chewy or sticky on that side (gum, taffy). Also, please avoid eating popcorn or nuts during this period of time.
  4. If the temporary crown does happen to come off you can try to put it back on yourself with some toothpaste or denture adhesive. The temporary only goes on one way so if your bite feels fine, then it is on correctly.
  5. Please call us to have the temporary crown recemented at your earliest convenience if this does happen.
  6. Please brush the temporary crown like your other teeth, but avoid flossing around that tooth. If something should get stuck between the teeth, floss through the contact and pull the floss out along the gumline to avoid hooking the margin of the temporary crown and pulling it off.
  7. Please return at your appointed date to have the permanent crown cemented.

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