Dental Appliances

Discover a range of custom dental appliances to enhance your oral health and smile. From night guards to retainers, our high-quality appliances are designed to address various dental issues, including teeth grinding, space maintenance, and orthodontic retention. With precise craftsmanship and personalized fittings, we ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness for each patient.

Our Dental Appliance Services encompass:

Night Guards

Protect your teeth while you sleep with our custom nightguards. Designed to alleviate symptoms of teeth grinding and clenching, our nightguards offer a comfortable and effective solution. Crafted to fit your unique bite, they provide cushioning and help prevent enamel wear, jaw pain, and headaches related to clenching and grinding.

Sports Guards

Protect your winning smile with our custom sports guards. Engineered for athletes of all levels, our sports guards offer superior protection against dental injuries during games and practices. Made from durable materials and tailored to fit your mouth comfortably, our guards ensure maximum performance and safety on the field or court. Don’t let a dental injury bench you – invest in a sports guard today and play confidently. Contact us to learn more about our sports guard options and keep your smile in the game.


Keep your smile aligned and beautiful with our custom retainers. Retainers are essential for maintaining the results of orthodontic treatment by preventing teeth from shifting back into their original positions. Our high-quality retainers are comfortable, discreet, and tailored to fit your unique smile perfectly. Whether you’ve just completed braces or Invisalign treatment, or you’re looking to preserve the current positioning of your teeth, our retainers offer reliable support.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are essential devices that help preserve room for permanent teeth and minimize future orthodontic issues. Our custom-made space maintainers are comfortable, durable, and tailored to your child’s unique needs.