Dentistry Options for Your Individual Needs

We strive to make your visit to Walnut Grove Family Dental one you look forward to. We want you to feel an appointment with us – is like meeting up with a friend who you have not seen in six months. Come in, get comfortable and catch up on what is new since your last visit – in the dental chair.

When you enter Walnut Grove Family Dental’s office you can expect a:

  • Warm welcome by your first name – we remember!
  • Wide assortment of current, untattered magazines to browse through.
  • Tranquil, clean seating area with our popular fish tank.

If you’re a child, however, we have you covered. A child’s visit is met with excitement, and they quickly learn what to do each time. This includes:

  • Finding their picture on our easel.
  • Choosing the movie they’re going to watch, while in the dentist chair.
  • Checking out the token toys on the revolving stand.
  • Hanging out in the children’s only area.

If you’re over 11, we get it. There is free WiFi. Just ask one of our receptionists for the password.

Our dental team has worked together in the same office for over 20 years, and remain current in the newest technology and dental techniques. Professional development courses are a must for all of our staff and a large part of his own personal development. Above all sterilization is of the utmost importance in our dental office. We have a state-of-the-art sterilization centre which is in compliance with the  Infection Control Guidelines developed by the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.

For our commitment to the environment, and safety of our patients and staff, we have gone paperless and have digital x-rays. This means no more chemicals in the processing of x-rays and the lowest possible radiation for both patients and staff.

If you’re looking for a dentist who will take a special interest in your dental health, make Walnut Grove Family Dental your family dentist. To book your next appointment call us at: 604-882-0887. Dr. Jolie Stroup and Dr. Stacy Stelting are accepting new patients and look forward to meeting you.