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Walnut Grove's Trusted Family Dental Office Since 1992

It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. When you have a healthy dentition smiling comes naturally.  But, a healthy mouth takes dedication on your part and that of your dentist. Are you ready? We are!

Since 1992, Walnut Grove Family Dental has been teaching oral hygiene to every patient to ensure you know how to care for your teeth between dental visits. We want you to have a beautiful set of teeth for a lifetime.

We are your neighbourhood dentist for the entire family, providing general family dental procedures, and cosmetic dentistry! We also understand busy work schedules and after-school activities, so we are open late on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our dental office is wheelchair accessible. We can even do procedures while patients remain in their wheelchairs. Additionally, our staff is multilingual. Members of our staff are fluent in Polish, Farsi, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Our dentists, certified dental assistants, hygienists and front-office staff strive to make your visit pleasant from the moment you enter our dental office, till the time your appointment is over. Ensuring young patients grow up with no fear of the dentist, is a priority. We have personable staff and a great chairside manner which is kid-approved. Our dedicated section for children, and little extras for our younger patients, makes them feel comfortable in the dentist chair.

We take a picture of each child when visiting our dental office for the first time. The pictures are on our ever-expanding easel which delights our young patients for years to come. We're proud to tell you that some of these children, on our easel boards, are now bringing their children to see us!

About Our Family Dental Practice

Walnut Grove Family Dental practice has been a household name around Walnut Grove for over 20 years.

Always investing in the latest technology, for patient health, the office is now paperless to do our part for the environment.


Meet Our Team!

What makes our Dentists, certified dental assistants, hygienists and front-office staff stand apart is our team approach. We are not a revolving door of faces. We are one big family here to help you with your dental needs within your budget and schedule.


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We understand how busy life gets. Your oral health is too important to miss. Book your next appointment on the phone in the comfort of your home, office or on the go.

We look forward to seeing you! Check out our convenient late hours.

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