Invisalign Treatment

Instructions for Invisalign Treatment

Soreness and Speech

It’s common to experience mild soreness and potential speech changes in the early stages of Invisalign treatment. This discomfort signifies that the aligners are effectively shifting your teeth and typically resolves within 48 hours as you adapt.

Aligner Wear and Care

To maximize the effectiveness of your Invisalign treatment, wear your aligners for 21-22 hours daily, removing them only for eating and brushing. After meals, promptly brush, floss, and reinsert your aligners. Brush your aligners as well, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures or mouthwash.

Proper Insertion and Removal

When inserting aligners, begin with your front teeth and gently move backward. During removal, start with your back teeth, unseating the aligners from the rear, and gently work your way forward. Avoid pulling the aligner straight down from the back to prevent cracking.

Storage and Backup

Always store your aligners in the Invisalign case, avoiding napkin wrapping. Keep them away from pets who may chew on them. Transition to new aligners in the evening, and consider Tylenol for discomfort relief.

Old Aligners and Replacement

Don’t discard old aligners; clean and store them as backups. If misplaced or broken, wear the previous set or insert the next aligner if you’re within 2 days of the scheduled switch.

Replacement Aligners and Attachments

In case of lost or damaged aligners post-office visit, Invisalign offers replacements at a cost of $100 per aligner. Handle and store your aligners carefully. Contact us if a bonded attachment becomes dislodged.

Fluid Intake and Beverage Caution

You can consume fluids while wearing aligners, but be cautious with sugary or acidic drinks, as prolonged contact may harm your teeth. Avoid very hot beverages, rinse aligners and teeth after such drinks, but delay brushing immediately after acidic beverages.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us